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Welcome to Babulja Café and Cocktail Bar!

You can enjoy our cosy atmosphere and friendly customer service in two spacious rooms. Young and talented chefs, Martin Ludvig and Robert Piho, run the kitchen and fine-tune Babulja’s flavours. Their creations are brought to you by our approachable and bubbly waiters.

We are honoured and proud to serve you the best pancakes in town made from sour cream, kvass or buckwheat batter which come straight from our kitchen with a Russian soul to it. You can choose a savoury or a sweat filling to your liking. In addition to pancakes, our menu features legendary duck borscht, excellent pies with various fillings and delicious meat dumplings with mushroom sauce.  And these are just some examples from our incredible dish selection. Come and see for yourself!

Snackers can also grab a bite here: our fresh pies, salads and cakes are showcased on the counter throughout the day and our special pancake kitchen works from early in the morning until late in the evening, so nostalgic feelings are guaranteed!

We are very glad when families with toddlers and small children pay us a visit. Younger family members can enjoy themselves in our spacious children’s nook where they can keep themselves busy watching cartoons, playing with toys and flipping through colourful books.

Cute, friendly and well-behaved pets are also welcome!

Are you looking forward to your or someone else’s birthday, special occasion or anniversary? Come and celebrate it at Babulja! We can offer you the best food and drink solutions based on your wishes. With us, nothing is impossible.

Evening is the best time of day to savour a cocktail in the company of your friends. Our inventive barmen will cheer you up with delicious cocktails and house drinks made here at the restaurant. On Fridays and Saturdays our resident DJs put on some great music.



The Russian-style Babulja Cafe, Cocktail Bar and Restaurant are located at the Old Town boundary in historical Hinke Tower and two adjoining buildings on the site of a moat that extended along the town wall hundreds of years ago.

Passages were built to interconnect the bundle of structures that accumulated here over the years, so one half of Babulja is located in the historical suburb (Pärnu mnt 2 building constructed in the 18thC) and the other half – in the old town behind the defensive town wall (Müürivahe 32 building dating back to the 16thC). This wall that used to separate the suburbs from the old town centre is crowned with one of Tallinn’s oldest surviving defensive towers erected in 1345-55, the Hinke Tower, which, according to historical records, was named after a town servant and stable boy called Hinke, whose house stood in the vicinity of the tower.

In the 15thC, the tower was made taller and was topped with a spire and a weathervane and, because that century ushered in the era of firearms, the tower could also serve the artillery needs.

Since 1832, the Hinke Tower had been in private hands and had been mostly used as a warehouse, narrowly escaping destruction on a couple of occasions. At the beginning of the 20thC, the building complex was owned by the Estonian Seed Grain Association, who intended to demolish the tower in order to construct a more modern building in its place. In 1937, permission to do so was obtained, but for some reason these plans were never implemented.

In Soviet times, a gardening shop operated in the Pärnu mnt building and the tower accommodated a warehouse and some apartments. After Estonia regained its independence in 1991, the tower became private property again. A casino was opened on the ground floor, but the rest of the building sat empty.

The main purpose of the renovation was to pay homage to the historical background of the buildings and the tower and highlight the remaining details after almost a century of negligent use that has left its mark.

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17.06 Kokteilid Päikseloojanguga

17.06 Kokteilid Päikseloojanguga Algusega 19.00 Nädalavahetus on käes ja see on aeg nautimiseks.. Kus veel oleks õigem nautida suve, kui linna suurimal ja hubaseimal suveterrassil? Sind ootab BABULJA PARGITERRASS!


16.05 Pargiterrassi FFF (Fun Funky Friday)

16.06 Pargiterrassi F.F.F (Fun.Funky.Friday) Algusega 19.00 Reedel ootab Sind Babulja kokteilibaaris ja meie suurel suveterrassil lõbus peoõhtu, mis ühendab suviselt värskendava kokteiliõhtu Babulja lemmiku muusikaga!

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